So you want a Weimaraner puppy. 

Please note that we currently have a wait list for a puppy.  If you are interested, please get in touch with us  to join our wait list. Once we trade a few emails or phone calls, we will both have a better idea whether or not a Bromhund puppy is right for you. 

Getting on our list early doesn’t guarantee you get a puppy. Alternatively, getting on the interest list late doesn’t mean you won’t get a puppy. Puppies are matched with the best families we can find for them, regardless of when that family surfaces. 

You don’t get to pick out your own puppy. Gone are the days of driving out to the farm, seeing a field of puppies, and going home with the one you picked out. ? Our puppies are selectively/purposefully matched with their families. While you don’t get to pick your puppy, you can, however, come and visit and let us know your preference. 

I realize this philosophy doesn’t work for everyone; that’s totally fine. If the above doesn’t work for you, please allow me to refer you to another breeder who may be able to help you. In the meantime, I’m also still happy to answer any general questions you may have about the breed or the process of buying a puppy. The bottom line: you should be happy with the breeder you go with and the puppy that you bring home.

Bromhund Up and Coming Puppy Info

Bromhund have some very exciting litters planned, these combinations will produce top quality puppies.

Show and working, and companion homes always welcome.
Please contact us to express your interest in this exciting combinations.

Our Next Litter Plans at Bromhund

We encourage all future puppy buyers to come and meet us and our dogs so we can ensure you get the best canine companion for your family.

All our breeding stock are Hip and Elbow Scored as well as tested for any Genetic Health Testing

Next Litters 2024/2025

 Our next litters at Bromhund are planned for late 2024/2025

Bromhund Under the Radar “Remi”

Aust Ch Bromhund Beez Knees (AI)"Bobbi" 

Aust Ch Bromhund Hidden Agenda “Meadow”

Aust Ch Bromhund Idyllic Izzy "Izzy" 

Check back for chosen sires