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2017 Wrap Up  

Number 1 Breeder Weimaraners 2017 (*dogzonline pointscore 2017) 

Our team of wonderful smart and good looking dogs have got us the number 1 breeder again in 2017. We are number 3 Gundog Breeder in Australia! 

Our title holders.. 
💫Gaye Todd and Eli (Aust Ch Bromhund Egotistical CCD RA – With limited time with the Gaye’s mum being sick in 2017 her and Eli still managed 4 titles. Aust Show Champion, CCD title Rally Novice and Rally Advance. They won the CCD Class at the national and also the club awards Greylight Obedience Trial Trophy and the Greymar Kennels Most Versatile Weimaraner 2017!!! Huge congrats Gaye and Eli 

💫Christine Weetman and Lexi (Dual Ch (T) / TS Gr Ch Bromhund Little Miss Sunshine RN) after a very successful 2016 Chris and Lexi performance continued into 2017 with 3 titles Track and Search Champion and Track and Search Grand Champion as well as Rally Novice Title. Huge congrats Chris and Lexi 

💫Joel Wallis and Hank (Aust Gr Ch Bromhund Bulletproof) Hank finishes 2017 as NUMBER 1 All breeds Weimaraner, NUMBER 1 Best of Breed Weimaraner. This was after his NUMBER 1 Rising Star Gundog (nationally) win last year. He has had a specialty BEST IN SHOW win in 2017 Runner up Best in Show All breeds and 4 Best in Group wins. Most importantly he gained his GRAND Champion title this year! Huge congrats Joel and Hank not a bad effort for your first show dog! 

💫Michael Yeo and Aaro (TS Gr / T Ch Bromhund Shamrocks Luck ET) Aaro and Michael final track to gain his Track and Search Grand Champion title this year such a wonderful achievement for both of them we are very proud. 

💫Dion Olszewski and Arrow (Bromhund Knight Rider TDX) Dion and Arrow gained 2 titles this year Tracking Dog (TD ) and Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX) a great achievement for such a young dog. Looking forward to this year! 

New Show titles 
💫Aust Ch Bromhund Elegant Lady “Ellie” – Well done Ang and Ellie 
💫Aust Ch Bromhund Free Fall “Fall” – Bromhund Kennels 
💫Aust Ch Bromhund Get N Line “Ticket” – thanks to Sharon and Charley well done 
💫Aust Ch Bromhund Perfect Choice “Cody” – Bromhund Kennels - Number 1 Rising Star Weimaraner Longhair Victoria, Best of Breed Melbourne Royal 2017 and Minor in Group Spring Fair 2017 

Performance titles 
💫Bromhund Centre Stage “Penny” – Novice Retrieving Ability Test NRA well done Lisa-Marie and Penny 
💫Bromhund Density Child CDX “ Tily” - Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) as well as gaining this title Keith and Tily finished as Highest Scoring Weimaraner at the 2017 Weimaraner National!! 

Other winners.. 
💫💫Aust Ch Bromhund Underneath The Radar “Cue”- Best in Show & runner up Best in Show Specialty, Best in Group and multi runner up in Groups owners Guy and Rebecca Williams NT 
💫Aust Ch Bromhund U Can Buy Me Diamonds “Angie” – Best in Group win. Owner Lynelle Smith QLD 
💫Aust Ch Bromhund Luscious Luster “Missy” – runner up in group 
💫Aust Ch Besko Cols Many Spirts (AI) “Jess” - Runner up BEST OF BREED @ The Weimaraner National as well as Best in Group and class in group wins - well done Angela Tulk & Eva 

After the great success with our partnership with Debbie Meyrick in NZ Dixie (Aust /NZ Ch Bromhund Xtremely Luscious AI) headed to New Zealand and had 2 lovely litters we are very lucky to have secured our 2 New Zealand Imports from these successful breeding with Debbie 
💫Aust Ch Weisup Royal Flush at Bromhund (IMP NZ) “Gambler” arrived in February and has had a wonderful show career he gained his title in style with a Best of Breed at Spring Fair he is multi runner up in group winner and Puppy in Show winner. 
His half sister 💫Weisup Along Came Polly to Bromhund (IMP NZ) “Polly” Baby in Group at Spring Fair and Baby in Show winner and just into Minor Class multi class winner.. 

Not to forget our amazing World Dog Show win in Germany!! 💫💫Bromhund Let Me Loose (EXP UK) "Dodger" World Winner 2017 

Marek will arrive early this year so we are looking forward to a successful 2018 with some very promising youngsters 

To all our wonderful owners of our dogs thank you for doing so much with them and making them part of your family.💫

Dogs Vic Summer Spectacular  

After the show being cancelled on Friday night we braved the weather last night to head to the show. 

Hank Best of Breed and Missy runner up Jagger and Polly res CC. Cody our lovely young longhair boy just turned 9 months gained the last of his points now Aust Champion([ending dogs vic approval) our 169th Champion at Bromhund. 

Today's show our baby of the team Polly won a lovely BEST OF BREED AND MINOR IN GROUP, she also got shortlisted for Best in Group in a lovely line up of gundogs. Her first weekend in Minor. Hank was runner up Best of Breed Jagger and Missy Res CC and our new Longhair addition Billy was Best of Breed for his first points.. Very lovely weekend despite the weather great catch up with friends. . Our Rising star Polly on the move.. 💕💕


World Dog Show  

World Dog Show Germany 2017

Don't know where to start but Dodger (Bromhund Let Me Loose) World Winner 4th Best in group over 200 in the Breed & 1200 in the group!! A huge thank you to world renowned judges Breed judge: Tamas Jakal (Hungary) 
Group: Miguel Angel Martinez (Argentina) for this amazing honor. 

Huge thanks to Dodger owners Ian & Eden for making the journey to bring him for me to show. I had not shown him since he was a puppy he did no put a foot wrong he showed like a million dollars most fabulous nature took it all in his stride. 

To the Aussie cheer squad who where there cheering us on thank you xx 

To Debbie Meyrick & Kelly Whitney for breeding the parents of Dodger and making this breeding happen. 

To all our European family thank you for such a warm welcome. To Jana Píchová & Pája Píchová thank you for everything. 

To mum and dad thank you for falling in love with this breed 45 years ago and look we have the icing on the cake. 

Lastly to everyone at home minding the kids 2 & 4 legged so that Dad could get away to be here thank you.

Weimaraner Club of NSW Specialty and Melbourne Royal  

Our dogs have done so well over the last few weeks.. 

Amazing day the dogs all performed beautifully Hank & Joel Wallis runner up Best of Breed. Jagger & Missy Res Cc. Gambler Polly Fall Lady all 1st Ticket Jewel Dixie & Eli 2nd in their class's. Lastly Cody BEST OF BREED from puppy class. Now waiting for the breeders team.


Specialty in NSW October 2017 

Huge thanks to Melanie 'Power' Tinker on handling Cody to res dog cc (LH) & Gambler today to Puppy in SHOW!! Joel Wallis for taking the rains with all the girls all placing at the Weimaraner Club of NSW Specialty. In Melbourne Kwan Jai Mulder handled Miley in there first open show to BABY IN GROUP. Angela Tulk at Kygole won Best of Breed with Ellie. Huge thanks to John & Rosemary Mayhew getting the team up to Sydney for the speciality.


Spring Fair Weekend 

Super weekend in Sydney 

From the 3 shows and 6 cc on offer 

Hank 1 CC & 2 runner up BOB

Fall 1 CC

Lady 1 CC & runner up BOB 

Gambler 1 CC & BEST OF BREED 

This gave Gambler his title at 9 months of age. 

Polly also had a great time and won Baby Puppy in Group on the Saturday 

Cody got 3 Best of Breeds and Minor Puppy in Group on the Friday 

Polly winning Best Baby in Group..

Cody winning Minor in Group

On the performance side 

Beauty & brains

Micheal Yeo and Aaro finished his Track and Search GRAND CHAMPION title !!!

A new TDX title well done Dion Olszewski & Arrow!!

Also a Novice Retrieving Ability Test-NRA for Lisa-Marie and Penny!! 


Our newest member of the team 

Bromhund Quick Time "Miley"

 Miley is co/owned with Luke Mulder 

Watch for her late October 


Latest updates 

Another great day Sharon Sabbatini & Jagger win Best of Breed Lady runner up Best of Bred handled by Gaye Todd Hank & Fall res cc.

Gambler Minor in Group 🎉🎉 picture of the day Mitch & Gambler. 💕fabulous lunch & bubbles to top off the day.

Long weekend - International judges  

Another fabulous day, under an other International Judge Mr Francisco Rodriguez (Spain) Fall's day today Best of Breed & runner up in Group 164 gundogs!! My baby boy Gambler took dog cc & runner up BOB. Joel Wallis & Meika another Baby in Group. Hank & Jewel Res CC's. 

Yippee super day the boys had a great day Hank handled by me was Best of Breed & runner up Best in Group over 160 gundogs. Gambler runner up Bob & minor in group. Joel's baby Meika Baby in Group. Fall res CC Jewel Junior of Breed. Baby Cody had his first show he had fun Baby of Breed. Hank Aust Bred in SHOW Gambler Minor in SHOW Meika Baby in SHOW!!!

Weimaraner National 2017 

We had a full team represented at the nationals super thrilled with how they all went the grading’s and critiques 

Our weekend started off in the Performance area with Keith Pratt with Bromhund Destinys Child CD NRA winning 1st place in CDX finishing her CDX title and taking HIGHEST IN TRAIL! 
Gaye Todd and Bromhund Egotistical taking 2nd in Rally Novice and finishing his RN title then winning the CCD ring with a 1st place. 

Then the top dog parade 
Number 1 Best of Breed and Specialty Best in Show Winner – Aust Sup Ch Silkwind Turn Me Loose to Bromhund (IMP USA) 
Number 5 and Best Puppy – Aust Ch Bromhund Bulletproof 
Number 8 and Specialty Best in Show winner – Aust Ch Bromhund Luscious Luster 
Number 12 - Aust Ch Bromhund Underneath The Radar 
Number 20 - Aust Ch Besko Colls Many Spirits (AI) 
Michael Yeo and TS Ch T CH Bromhund Shamrocks Luck ET 3rd in CD 

Baby Dog 
3rd place – Bromhund Nardo - Very promising - Owned by Bettina Cusack 
4th Place – Weisup Royal Flush at Bromhund (IMP NZ) – very promising Owned by Bromhund Kennels 

Puppy Dog 
1st Place – Bromhund Just a Copy – Very promising Owned by Bromhund & Zena Marzi 

Junior Dog 
1st Place – Bromhund Egotistical – Very promising owned by Bromhund & Gaye Todd 

Intermediate dog 
2nd Place – Aust Ch Bromhund Youre So Vain – Excellent owned by Bromhund & Sharon Sabbatini 
3rd Place – Aust Ch Bromhund Bulletproof – Excellent owned by Joel Wallis 
Aust Bred Dog 
3rd Place – Aust Ch Bromhund Back To Basics – Excellent owned by Bromhund 

Open Dog 
5th Place – Sup Ch Silkwind Turn Me Loose to Bromhund – Very Good owned by Bromhund Kennels 

Bitch’s Weimaraner Longhairs 
Intermediate Bitch 
3rd Place – Bromhund Wild N Wooly – Excellent owned by Jeff and Val Mulder 

Aust Bred Bitch 
3rd Place – Aust Ch Greyvale Holy S – Excellent owned by Bromhund 

Weimaraner Bitches 
Baby Bitch 
2nd Place – Weisup Royal Hawaiian at Bromhund (IMP NZ) – very promising owned by Bromhund 

Puppy Bitch 
4th Place – Bromhund Just All Attitude – very promising owned by Bromhund 

Junior Bitch 
1st Place – Aust Ch Bromhund Free Fall – very promising owned by Bromhund 
Bromhund Get N Line and Bromhund Elegant Lady both very promising 

Intermediate Bitch 
2nd /Res CC & Runner up Best of Breed – Aust Ch Besko Colls Many Spirits (AI) – Excellent owned by Bromhund and Tulk 
4th – Aust Ch Bromhund Centre Fold – Excellent owned by Bromhund 

Aust Bred Bitch Class 
5th – Bromhund Exotic Tails – Excellent owned by Michael Yeo 
Aust Ch Bromhund Just It and Aust Ch Besko Lady About Town (AI) also graded Excellent in that class 

Open Bitch Class 
5th – Aust Ch Bromhund Back N Time (AI) – Excellent owned by Bromhund 
Aust Ch Bromhund Luscious Luster also graded excellent 

Veteran Bitch Class 
2nd Place – Aust Gr Ch Bromhund First Class (AI) – Excellent owned by Bromhund 

Sire and Progeny 1st – Aust Ch Bromhund Punchline 
3rd Place – Aust Ch Bromhund Back to Basics (AI) 
5th Place – Aust Sup Ch Silkwind Turn me Loose to Bromhund (IMP USA) 
Dam and Progeny 5th Place – Aust Ch Besko Lady about Town (AI) 
Breeders team 5th Place. 

Huge thank you to all our helpers xxx



Easter Weekend!!! 

What a amazing trip to Sydney at Easter for our team
Hank wins BEST IN SHOW 

Royce - 3rd Best Headed and 1st in Puppy Dog 
Gidget and Gambler 2nd in their class
Missy 3rd in her Class
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