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Dogs Victoria ran there first 3 shows called the The Royal Canin Summer Spectacular 
Full International judging panel. The girls flew the flag taking 
3 of the Best of Breeds
Missy one and Pinch 2 
Leroy 2 Dog CC and Jagger 2 Res CC 
Indy 2 Res CC 
Karma also gained a few more points for her title taking 1 x Runner up Best of Breed

The star of the 3 shows was our new addition "Hank" Bromhund Bulletproof. 
Winning 3 x Best Baby Puppy in Groups!!
Super job Joel big future for this boy!!


Been busy few weeks 

Leroy winning another Best in Group 
Our new member to the team Chase winning Baby in Group
Dixie picking up more points to her title and Puppy in Group
Karma very close to her Show title 
Jagger more points towards his title and a Minor in Group!!

Folly and Chase to join the team this month ready for 2016.. 

Our E Litter has arrived proud parents Lady and Punch !!


Sunbury weekend was fabulous weekend.. 
With the team all getting a win.. 

Leroy 1 X Best of Breed / 2 x Res CC
his son Punch 1 x Dog CC & 1 x Res CC
his daughter Pinch 1 x Res CC
Kahlo 2 x runner up BOB 1 x Bitch CC and Res CC
Dixie 1 x BOB and Puppy in Group 
Hank 3 Baby of Breed
Jagger 3 Minor of Breed
Indy 2 Inter of Breed
Karma 1 x Best of Breed

Not long after his sister Punch finishes his title and now our 155th Champion!!!
Aust Ch Bromhund Punchline

In QLD Angie still on her winning streak winning many class in group and points towards her Champion Title 

We have our 154th Champion!! 
Pinch gained the last of her points and now an Australian Show Champion!!!
Aust Ch Bromhund Pinch A Piece "PINCH"



Another busy weekend at #teambromhund...

Firstly a HUGE Congratulations to Lynelle Smith and Angie on winning BEST BABY PUPPY IN SHOW @ Brisbane Royal 2015
Leroy wins his 30th Best in Group!!
Jagger Baby in Group
Jessie & Pinch points towards their Show Titles
& Missy a Runner up Best of Breed!! 


Busy few weeks at #teambromhund!! 
We have had a few shows and Leroy has again been on a roll and doing so well in his winning ways!! 
He has had in the last few weeks

Punch had a great day at the VIC Gundog Show 
BEST IN SHOW - Open Show

As well as Dixie, Karma, Mason & Jagger doing well in the baby puppy ring and Pinch and Mimmi picking up some points for their show titles!!

Well done to Chris and Lexi and also Anne Marie and Ezy on excellent work with their tracking in WA! Hopefully some more titles there soon

Our B litter are growing such cute fatties

Well done To Michael & Aaro on passing his TDS5 Track
No shows for us this weekend very quite spending time with our A litter now getting up and about on their feet. 

Been a busy few weeks at #teambromhund!

I went away for the weekend to Yerong Creek took Mimmi, Leroy, Dixie, Mason and Karma! great weekend away with Dixie winning her first Baby in Group and Mason 2nd in a large entry Baby Puppy Sweepstakes!!

Our A litter is growing and getting around now!!

Our Breeders cert arrived today, so proud! well done handlers and dogs!!

A few shows over the last few weeks
Leroy wins Runner Up Best in Group and a couple of Best of Breeds
Dixie, Mason and Karma all had their show debuts !!


We have our 153rd Champion!!!
Tilly got the last of her points to now become a Champion 
Aust Ch Bromhund Dee Vyne "Tilly"

Also Michael gains  Zoe's TD Title well done guys!!

Cat and Phoebe get her CCD title too!! what a great few weeks for our dogs!!

We have been super busy with our litters V & W litters all gone off to their new homes.. 
we have 2 new additions to the team from our U litter Rocky & Mia

Bromhund U Rock Me "Freddy"

Bromhund U Can Buy Me Diamonds "Angie"
Owned by Lynelle Smith in QLD!!

On the show scene our team is doing super!!

We have a new Australia Champion!!! our 152nd our 3rd this year!
Well done to Chris and Lexie on gaining her title 
Now Aust Ch Bromhund Little Miss Sunshine
the 2nd champion for Leroy x Sassi!! 

Leroy has had a great few weeks in the show ring winning
1 Best in Group
2 x runner up Best in Groups!!
Tily, Pinch and Punch all picking up points towards their title.

Our 2 puppies from Cusack and Sassi and our Y litter Buzz x Allie turn 8 weeks this weekend so watch for pictures or our new team members.. 

We have our Z Litter due early May so we are looking forward to their arrival.  Then no more litter at Bromhund till late 2015

No shows for the VIC Team this weekend, but we didn't need to show our breeding did well all around!!

Firstly in QLD a huge congratulations to Lynelle Smith and Gracie on gaining your GRAND CHAMPION title!!! Gracie our 5th GRAND CHAMPION!
WELL DONE we are thrilled to bits!!!

In NSW Debbie is showing Missy for us till Easter and she has a super day winning BEST IN GROUP & JUNIOR IN SHOW and her buddy  Mimmi wins another Best BABY IN GROUP!!! 

wow what a weekend we have had here at Bromhund we went away for 6 shows Leroy showed at 4 of them and had a super weekend with 1x Best in Show, 1 x Runner up Best in Show, 1 x Best in Group , 1 x runner up Best in Group 3 x Best Open in Shows!!

Indy finished her show title now our 151st show champion Punch picked up 16 points at the 2 shows Leroy was not shown at and Tilly picked up some more points
towards her show title.

In Brisbane Lynelle and Gracie got some more points towards her Grand Title!.

In Canberra Debbie and Mimmi picked up 2 Best Baby in Group wins and Missy 2 x Best of Breeds!!

Then at home Rosemary whelped 2 Litters Cher and her 6 Longhair Babies and Sassi and her 2 big babies...

Canberra Royal 2015
Missy wins Best of Breed (25 points) & Best JUNIOR IN GROUP
Finishes her show title and now our 150th Champion...

Leroy & Punch both win their Class and Mimmi 3rd out of 5!

Check out our future litters page for up and coming litters at Bromhund

The year has started off well for Team Bromhund

Leroy has picked up a Best in Group and Runner up Best in group under International judges.

Lady only shown at a few of the International shows and won either Best of Breed or Bitch CC so pleased with her she will be shown more in 2015

Pinch and Punch well on their way to their show titles winning a few CC and Best of Breed wins. 

Our V Litter due end of Feb!


2014 wrap up
What a year it has been here at Bromhund…. A few huge highlights.

Leroy has proven to be a true showman through 2014. An amazing year way beyond my expectations, he has done so well. Leroy gained the title of Supreme Champion & finishes 2014 as Number 1 Gundog in Victoria. (*dogzonline point score) In less than 12 months he has accumulated over 500 breed points..

Leroy has some exciting progeny in the ring and we look forward to more of his progeny in 2015.

Our new champions
Allie gained her GRAND Champion title now Aust Gr Ch Bromhund First Class (AI).

Macy, Ezy, Sunny and Buzz all gaining their show titles. Buzz finishing his title with a BEST IN SHOW specialty show!! Ezy also gaining her RN title!

Aaro gained his TSD title!!

Lady also gained her show title this year with an amazing year with a Runner up BEST IN SHOW, (all breeds) Runner up Best in Group at Junior Kennel club under gundog specialist judges.  In her last show in Junior Class she wins JUNIOR IN SHOW! Lady now Aust Ch Besko Lady About Town (AI).

Our rising stars
Bromhund Let Me Loose “Dodger” wins a few CC, a Puppy in group and Puppy of breed at Melbourne Royal before he headed off to be campaigned in the UK.
Bromhund Luscious Luster “Missy” wins Puppy in Show at the Wei Club of VIC and has gained many breed points towards her title.
Bromhund Just It “Indy” started the year with a bang winning Baby Puppy in Show and has continued on her winning way with many classes in group & sweepstake awards and points towards her title.
Bromhund Pinch a Piece”Pinch” and Bromhund Punchline “Punch” are both Baby in group winners and moving into the big classes in 2015.
National 2014
This was amazing weekend for our team Bromhund. We had a ball with all our friends and grey dogs!!
Amazing results are
Greyvale Holy Smoke "Sunny" - 2nd Junior Dog graded  Very Promising 
Bromhund Let Me Loose "Dodger" - Champion Puppy & Baby Puppy in SHOW
Bromhund Back To Basics (AI) "Buzz" - Graded Excellent Best Inter of Breed 
Sup Ch Silkwind Turn Me Loose to Bromhund (IMP USA) "Leroy" Graded excellent Res Dog Cc & OPEN IN SHOW 1st in Sire & Progeny
Aust Ch Bromhund Kiss Me Kate(AI) "Katie"- 1st Open Bitch Class & Res Challenge Bitch graded excellent 
Bromhund Luscious Luster "Missy" - 1st Baby Puppy Bitch very promising
Bromhund Now Ya Talking "Ollie" - graded very promising
Bromhund Just It "Indy" - 3rd Minor Puppy - very promising
Bromhund I've Got Attitude "Bella" - 3rd Puppy - very promising 
Besko Lady About Town "Lady" - 1st Junior Bitch (21 entered) - Very Promising 
Bromhund Exotic Tails "Zoe" - very promising
Bromhund Gossip Girl "Maddi"- promising 
Aust Ch Bromhund Back N Time (AI) "Kahlo" - 3rd Inter Bitch graded Excellent
Aust Gr Ch Bromhund First Class (AI) "Allie" - 5th Open Bitch Graded Excellent 
Aust Ch Weisup Lava Luscious at Bromhund (IMP NZ) "Sassi" - graded Excellent & 4th in Dam & Progeny
Aust Ch Bromhund New Review "Mia" - graded Very Good
Aust Ch Bromhund Madison Avenue (AI) "Carrie"- 1st Veteran Bitch graded Excellent

4th in the Breeders Team
Showing Highlights
Melbourne Royal another great show for us. It was amazing day!!
Leroy wins BEST OF BREED, Lady Runner up Best of Breed, Dodger Puppy of Breed, Missy 1st Puppy Bitch Indy 2nd Puppy bitch, Sassi 1st Open bitch.

All our achievements would not have been possible without the #teambromhund! Firstly to Dad (John) always having the dogs in great shape. Sharon, Gaye, Joel, Trent, Seleena & Sherril all our weekends are fun.. To my mum Rosemary without her I could not enjoy showing the dogs as much she is always there to look after Mitch and keep him entertained along with the rest of the crew…

Thanks to all our puppy buyers for providing the best homes for our grey kids and keeping in touch as they grow up.

So looking forward to 2015 some exciting plans for future litters and some new additions!!
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