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Leroy finishes the year as NUMBER 1

Dogzonline 31/12/13

What a great day we had at the Weimaraner Club of Victoria Weimfest so nice to see so many grey dogs and their owners.
here is all the Bromhund Crew on the day...

Kahlo dressed up!

We gained show titles this year and was awarded trophies from the Weimaraner Club for
Hudson, Leroy, Phoebe, Sassi & Kahlo.

We have a few more shows before the end of the year so looking forward to finishing 2014 off with a bang!!

Babies have arrived check out our puppy page for more information..

What a fantastic afternoon at Bendigo Ag Show
Friday 25/10/13
Judge Ms E Smith (VIC) awards Leroy his 7th Best in Group he went on to then win Runner up BEST IN SHOW under another Gundog specialist Mr Rodger Bridgeford (VIC) what a day!!
Allie - Bitch CC & Runner up BOB
Sunny - Best of Breed

Got a lot of Photos from Clare from our Melbourne Specialty weekend so be sure to check out the pages..
My favourite picture from that weekend..

We headed up to Sydney last weekend for the NSW Specialty show
Sunny won Dog CC, Runner up BOB & Minor Puppy in SHOW
Leroy, Lady, Zoe, Allie all placed 2nd..

Seymour A & P Society
Judge Mr L Hearn (VIC)
Allie - Runner up BOB & Aust Bred in Group
- Baby of Breed
Sunny - Runner up BOB & Minor of Breed

Mia is shortlised to the Top 8 at the Melbourne Royal Show General Specials day!!
We where so thrilled with this placement amongst a very strong line up of Gundogs!

We had a show on Sunday @ Kyneton Kennel Club
Leroy wins another Runner up Best in Group
Allie - Runner up Best of Breed
Kahlo - Res Bitch Challenge
Kato- Best Minor of Breed
Sunny - Best Baby of Breed

What a fablous 2 days of showing in Victoria
First our specialty show
Judge Ms Gale Young (USA)
Multi BEST IN SHOW Specialty winner Aust Ch Weisup Lava Luscious at Bromhund IMP NZ "Sassi"
wins her 3rd

not bad for a bitch that is not even 2 years old !!

Not to be left behind the rest of the team did so well!!

Multi BISS winner Aust Ch Bromhund First Class (AI) "Allie"
wins her 2nd
Runner up BEST IN SHOW

Aust Ch Silkwind Turn Me Loose To Bromhund (IMP USA) "Leroy"
Dog Challenge

Bromhund Exotic Tails "Zoe"

Bromhund Back N Time (AI) "Kahlo"
Inter In SHOW

Kato 2nd in Minor Puppy Dog, Buzz wins 1st Inter Dog Class, Hudson 2nd Aust Bred Dog Class
Lady 3rd Baby Puppy, Mia 2nd Aust Bred Bitch Class
Sunny Baby of Breed (LH)
It was a super effort by our dogs we are so lucky to have so many lovely dogs to show!!

Then onto the Royal Melbourne Show

Aust Ch Bromhund New Review "Mia"

Kato 2nd Puppy Dog, Leroy 3rd Open Dog, Kahlo 3rd Inter Bitch, Carrie 2nd Aust Bred Bitch, Allie 2nd Open Bitch

Some other great news we have another Australian Champion
Australian Champion Bromhund Dynamite Dali, Dali is our 145th Champion the 4th from this litter sired by the multi champion Davora Bremar Mark of Ashlaren (Imp Canada) "Mark" & multi Specialty Best in Show winner Aust Ch Bromhund Madison Avenue (AI) "Carrie"..
Well done Zuzana Meskova & Chris we r very happy!!

Some very exciting breeding plans on our Future Litters page

Well done to Troy and Susan with Bromhund Zea Breeze gaining her championship title she is our 144th Champion!
Also doing well with younger stable mate
Bromhund Fade to Grey taking a 13 point Best of Breed and Minor Puppy in Group

Some exciting litter hopefully in the oven at Bromhund!!

Sorry I have been a bit slack getting the website updated been busy :)

We have had a few good weekends showing with our dogs after we got back from South Australia.
Leroy has had aother group 1 & 2 win so he is doing really well!

We have a few weeks off now until our Weimaraner Club Show which is on Sunday 22nd September if anyone is intersted please come along.

We have a few litters planned and coming up
Zinc, Carrie, Sassi and Page so keep an eye on our puppy page.

We are also looking for a special home for our lovely Hudson we would like him to stay local but if you are interested please get in touch with us.

What a fantastic weekend our team had in South Australia, we attended 6 shows 3 all breeds and 2 championship show speciality and 1 open show speciality.  We took 8 dogs all did extremly well so proud of them.

Leroy -
1 x Ru BISS Specialty
1x Runner up Best in Group All Breeds
2 x Best of Breed All Breeds
1 x Dog Challenge/Runner up Best of Breed All breeds
2 x Speciality Dog Challenges
2 x Open in Show Specialty

Sassi -

1 x BEST IN SHOW Specialty
1 x Bitch CC /runner up Best of Breed All breeds
1 x Res Bitch CC All Breeds
2 x Intermediate in group All Breeds

Allie -
1 x Runner up BIS Specialty

Carrie -
1 x Bitch CC & Runner up Best of Breed All Breeds
2 x Best Aust Bred of Breed All breeds

Kato -
Best Baby Puppy in Group All breeds
1x Baby of Breed All breeds

Tilly -
2 x Puppy in Show Speciality
3 x Puppy of Breed All Breeds

Sunny -
1 x Best Baby Puppy in Group All Breeds
2 x Baby of Breeds Speciality

Check out the new pictures on our the dogs pages

Cranbourne Kennel Club
Leroy wins another Best in Group!!
Thanks to Judge Mrs Lynette Brown (NSW)

Kahlo Bitch CC & Junior of Breed

Frankston and Penisula Kennel Club
Gaye and Kahlo - Best of Breed & Junior in Group!!!
We have 2 new additions to Bromhund to our Longhair team

Greyvale Silver Mirror 'Cher'
Greyvale Holy Smoke 'Sonny'

To make their show debut mid July

Western Suburbs Kennel Club
Leroy wins another Best in Group!!
Tilly Bitch Challenge!!

Geelong & District Kennel Club
Leroy wins Runner up Best in Group
Tilly Bitch Challenge & Runner up Best of Breed!!

2 big shows in Melbourne this weekend and our dogs went really well!

Saturday show @ Bulla Extravaganza
Judge Mrs D O'Neill (NZ)
Allie - Best of Breed
Carrie - Runner up Best of Breed
Frankie - Baby of Breed
Kahlo - Junior of Breed
Sunday show Judge Mr K Chuah (Malaysia)
Carrie - Best of Breed & Runner up BEST IN GROUP
Allie - Res Bitch CC
Frankie - Baby of Breed
Buzz - Junior of Breed!
Another great weekend of showing
Saturday Allie takes Best of Breed, Leroy Dog CC and Kahlo runner up Best of Breed
Sunday Leroy BEST IN GROUP & Junior in Group, Allie Bitch Challenge.
We head over to Bali on Wednesday for my brothers wedding can't wait!!
A great day at the show on Saturday Leroy finishes his Championship Title winning Best in Group under Weimaraner Specialist  Ms E Knox (Ashlaren Weimaraners)
We are thrilled with how this young dog is shaping up..

Our G Litter is growing and looking super..

We are off to Bali next week for Malcolm's wedding so we can't wait...

Sorry I have been so busy so updates have been slow!

We headed off to Sydney and stayted with our great friends Sue and Rick Norbury
The dogs all went so well at both the Specialty and Royal..

Weimaraner Club of NSW Easter Speciality
Leroy - 2nd Best Movement Dog and Junior in Show
Hudson - 2nd Aust Bred Dog Class
Tilly - 1st Baby Puppy Bitch Class
Allie - 3rd Open Bitch Class
Kahlo and Carrie both unplaced but went so well...

Leroy in the best movement class! Breathtaking

Sydney Royal
Leroy - 1st Open Dog Class & Res Challenge
Hudson - 2nd Junior Dog Class
Kahlo - 1st Junior Bitch Class
Carrie - 1st Aust Bred Bitch Class
Allie - 3rd Open Bitch Class

Mitchell had his first Sydney Royal experience such a good boy taking it all in with Kahlo looking on...

We are very excited to announce another new arrival to our team this weekend
Watchel-Berg Jackie O At Bromhund (IMP NZ)
Jackie is from a litter Sue has had in the planning for a while we are so thrilled to be getting the pick bitch from this litter.
Sire Aust/NZ Ch Bromhund Jack N The Box x Dam NZ Ch Bromhund Daret Maka Mark

Watch for her in May to hit the ring in Victoria

A lovely weekend away 4 shows at Cohuna
Leroy 1 x Best of Breed, 1 x Runner up Best of Breed, 1 Dog CC
Allie 1 x Best of Breed and 1 X Runner up best of breed
Kahlo 4 x Junior of breed
Tilly 4 x Baby of Breed including Baby in Group....

Our new addition to the team
Bromhund First Up "Frankie"

Watch for her late April.

After the highs of our new arrival we have spent the last few days at the Royal Childrens Hospital Mitchell had Pyloric Stenosis.  He had an operation on Thursday and is doing really well now.  He is home and eating better and now hopefully putting on the weight he lost.

On the show front, last weekend we had a great weekend Allie picking up 2 x Runner up in Groups (group2) Leroy 2 Dog cc and runner up Best of breed Tilly 3 baby of breed. Best thing was I was able to show again!!
Also a big congratulations to Troy Stephenson on winning Junior in SHOW with "CJ" Bromhund Zeabreeze!!

A busy few weeks our latest addition has arrived this time 2 legged
Welcome baby Mitchell Thomas Thomson
Arrived 5/2/13 weight 8 lb 15oz
all doing well

Also we are very proud to have 2 new Show Champions finish last weekend
Hudson now Aust Ch Bromhund Xclusive Vintage (AI) our 142nd Champion
Phoebe now Aust Ch Bromhund After All well done Gaye on gaining Phoebe title our 143rd Champion

Lynelle and Sassi win another Best of Breed in Brisbane well done girls!!!

Our F litter now 4 weeks old doing really well...


A qutie weekend for us but a few of our kids hit the show ring!

Well done to Gaye and Phoebe on Best of Breed @ The Classic Dog Show

And Lynelle and Sassi Best of Breed in Brisbane her first show with Lynelle well done all!!

Our lovely F litter big fat babies doing well...

What a lovely weekend 3 big show all international judges we had a super weekend!
Thanks to all our great friends for sharing in the fun!!

Aust Day International 25/1/13
Judge Mr M Woods (CAN)

Best of Breed & Junior in Group - Silkwind Turn Me Loose to Bromhund (IMP USA) "Leroy"
Bitch CC & Runner up Best of Breed - Weisup Lava Luscious at Bromhund (Imp NZ) "Sassi"
Puppy of Breed - Bromhund After All "Phoebe"

Cranbourne Dog Club
27/1/13 Judge Mr R Scoggins (MEX)

Res Dog CC & Aust Bred of Breed - Bromhund Xclusive Vintage (AI) "Hudson"
Res Bitch CC & Junior of Breed - Weisup Lava Luscious at Bromhund (Imp NZ) "Sassi"

Australia Day International Dog Club INC
Judge Mrs M Ostarovakya (RUS)

Best of Breed & Aust Bred in Group - Aust Ch Bromhund Madison Avenue (AI) "Carrie"
Res Dog CC & Junior in Group - Silkwinds Turn Me Loose to Bromhund (IMP USA) "Leroy"
Puppy in Group - Bromhund Back N Time (AI) "Kahlo"

Our E litter all gone off to their new homes last 2 head off to Perth on Tuesday
This is our new addition
Bromhund Exotic Tails "Zoe"

First Shows for the year
South Eastern Kennel Club

Judge Mr P Pisitwuttinan (Thai)
Best of Breed - Silkwind Turn Me Loose to Bromhund (IMP USA) "Leroy"
Runner up Best of Breed - Weisup Lava Luscious at Bromhund (IMP NZ) "Sassi"
Res Bitch CC - Bromhund After All "Phoebe"

South Eastern Kennel Club
Judge Mrs F Browning-Cristina (Sth Africa)
Runner up Best of Breed - Aust Ch Bromhund Madison Avenue (AI) "Carrie"
Best Puppy of Breed - Bromhund Back N Time (AI) "Kahlo"
Best Junior of Breed - Silkwind Turn Me Loose To Bromhund (IMP USA) "Leroy"

Our D litter have all gone off to thier new homes! Good luck to all the new owners of these lovely babies...

Gigi x Duke litter confirmed in whelp due Aust Day Weekend..

What a super year we have had finishing as Number 1 Weimaraner Breeder Dogzonline pointscore
Our dogs have performed well this year with 3 specialty BEST IN SHOW wins and 3 Runner up Specialty Best in Show wins.
Aust Ch Bromhund Madison Avenue (AI) “Carrie” taking BEST IN SHOW @ the Predigest Weimaraner Club of NSW Easter Show and winning her 2nd Silver Dog our 3rd for our Kennel!

Weisup Lava Luscious at Bromhund (IMP NZ) “Sassi” our New Zealand Import taking Best in Show @ The Weimaraner Club of SA Inc from Puppy Class

Aust Ch Bromhund First Class (AI) “Allie” gaining her 2nd Specialty Best in Show @ The Weimaraner Club of VIC Championship Show
Allie not only to win a BISS she also took out Runner up Best in Show at the Weimaraner Club of VIC 40th Anniversary Show.
Allie also finish’s 10th on the Best of Breed Dogzonline Pointscore Number 1 in Victoria and only shown occasionally in 2012.

Aust Ch Bromhund Kiss Me Kate (AI) “Katie” our resident Longhair joined her kennel mate Carrie to take Runner up Best in Show @ The Weimaraner Club of NSW Easter Show.

Aust Ch Bromhund Ghee Whizz “Gigi” first time back in the ring after her first litter took Runner up Best In Show @ The Weimaraner Club of QLD Championship Show.

Aust Ch Bromhund New Review “Mai” owned by Faye Dods gained her Australian Championship title she was our 140th Champion in our 40th year of the breed.

Aust Ch Bromhund Jack N The Box “Jack” went to live in New Zealand and finished his New Zealand Championship title now owned by Susan Allison

Aust Gr Ch Bromhund Free N Ezy “Kye” gained his Supreme champion title well done to his owner Lynelle Smith

Bromhund Shamrocks Luck “Arow” gained his Tracking Championship title well done to Michael Yeo

Bromhund Long Time Coming “Nara” gained her Tracking Dog Title well done Susan Wake

Silkwind Turn Me Loose to Bromhund (IMP USA) “Leroy” arrived early September and only shown occasionally this year has had an impressive start to his show career in Australia he will be back in the ring in 2013.

Our other USA Import owned by Greg Russell Aust Ch Silhouette Smoke N Mirrors (AI) IMP USA “Logan” gained his Aust Championship title he has sired his first litter at Bromhund late this year look out of Tilly in 2013.

A new comer to the show scene is Bromhund Zea Breeze owned by Troy & Susan Stephenson has had a great start to her show career with many class in group and sweepstake wins well done!

From overseas our star Lucky has had a super successful year we are super proud of this young dog. Lucky passed an Ability exam (VJP), Autumn exam (HZP) and Blood track exam in I-st merit and Forest exam in III-rd merit (only due to a limit mark), he became a WINNER of the Autumn and blood track exam! At the beginning of the show season he was allowed to enter only a Puppy class (due to the age-limit). In spite of it he became a Junior champion of 5 countries (Czech republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary and Austria) and a candidate of the Champion of Czech republic and Austria. He has been awarded many times Best of Breed, Junior Best of Breed, Junior Best of Group but scored also in an „adult“ competitions in a main ring. He was awarded reserve Best Junior of the Day at the all-breed National dog show Mlada Boleslav. At the IHA Tulln, Austria received qualification for Cruft’s 2013. A huge congratulations to his owners Barb and Jana we are super proud..

Our show team Leroy, Hudson, Buzz, Kahlo, Phoebe, Sassi, Gracie, Mia, Allie, Carrie & Katie have had a very successful year with many class in group and in show awards at both All Breeds & Specialty shows.

A huge thanks to all our helpers this year Sharon, Seleena, Gaye, Kristen and Jenny without your help in the ring we would not of been able to do it!!

We look forward to another successful 2013 with a number of very exciting litters coming up.

Thanks to all the people that have our dogs and so such a super job with them!!

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