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What a great finish to our showing year at the show today Carrie taking out Best of Breed and young Buzz picking up his first CC :) Kahlo Res Bitch CC and runner up Best of Breed, Hudson Junior of Breed. Thanks to Sharon Sabbatini and Seleena Nichols for the expert handling of the crew! From 3 of the 4 shows this weekend we took home 3 Best of Breeds and Runner up Best in Group so very happy note to finish on for 2012.

We had a lovely day on Saturday the Weimaraner Club of VIC held their annual Weimfest for our Christmas Break up! It was great to see so many Weis there only a few of our Bromhund Wei's turned up but hard being so close to the silly season.. Here is Sharon and Kahlo dressing up for the best christmas outfit!

Sunday we headed to a show at Marybourgh
Judge Ms P Kirke (VIC)
Best of Breed and Junior In Group - Bromhund Xclusive Vintage (AI) "Hudson"
Runner up Best of Breed & Puppy of Breed - Bromhund Back N Time (AI) "Kahlo"
Res Bitch CC - Weisup Lava Luscious At Bromhund (IMP NZ) "Sassi"
Best of Breed LH - Silhouette Montana for Bromhund(AI) IMP USA

Our lovely D Litter is growing now 5 weeks tomorrow..

Well done to Sue and Shonagh Allison on gaining Jack's NZ Championship title today now know as NZ/AUST Ch Bromhund Jack N The Box! Thanks for everything good luck with his babies next year!!!

Gigi has spent the weekend in Canberra visiting Duke so fingers crossed babies for late January 2013!!!

Our last weekend away for the year and it was lovely we headed down to Churchill just under 2 hours from Melbourne had a great weekend weather was good and company even better! Only took 4 dogs and they all went really well!
Thanks to Sharon and Seleena for helping handle the kids I am now on the sidelines watching :(

Saturday we had Gundog Specialist from Finland Ms T Illukka
Allie - Best of Breed
Leroy - Dog CC Runner up Best of Breed & Junior in Group
Sassi - Res Bitch CC
Buzz - Best Minor of Breed.

Sunday Mrs J Brown (WA)
Allie - Best of Breed
Leroy - Dog CC Runner up Best of Breed
Sassi - Res Bitch CC
Buzz - Best Minor of Breed.

Picture of Leroy and Seleena winning Junior in Group on the Saturday!

Other results.....

In Melbourne Phoebe picks up another Best of Breed @ Garden State Kennel Club well done Gaye and Phoebe!!

In South Australia Rosemary Carden and Reva (Aust Ch Bromhund Rave Reveiw) gain their CCD title well done ladies!!

Puppy News!!!!

Puppies have arrived Page x Logan have 9 babies


In Brisbane
Asha and Dahli have 8 babies 6 girls 2 boys

Please contact us for more information.

The Sunbury weekend is over for another year 3 big shows and our Club Open Show, we had a great weekend..
Weimaraner Club of VIC Open Show
Silkwind Turn Me Loose to Bromhund IMP USA "Leroy" - Takes BEST IN SHOW
Weisup Lava Luscious at Bromhund IMP NZ "Sassi" - Runner up BEST IN SHOW

Bromhund Back To Basics (AI) "Buzz" - Minor in Show
Bromhund Xclusive Vintage (AI) "Hudson" - Puppy in Show

Vic Gundog Show
Allie - Bitch CC & Runner up Best of Breed
Kahlo - Res Bitch CC

Sunbury Canine Club
Mia - Best of Breed
Sassi - Res Bitch CC
Hudson - Puppy of Breed
Leroy Res Dog CC & Junior of Breed

A great weekend with our friends and great dogs!

Well done to Gaye and "Phoebe" Bromhund After All
On Minor in Group at Royal Geelong Show

Bacchus Marsh Kennel Club
Aust Ch Bromhund First Class (AI) "Allie"  - Best of Breed and Open in Group
Bromhund Xclusive Vintage (AI) "Hudson" - Runner up Best of Breed and Puppy in Group

Sharon and I headed back up to Canberra to stay with Debbie and we all headed off on Sunday 7th October to the Weimaraner Club of NSW Championship Show Judge Bred Specialist Mr D Connelly (IRE) 
We only took Leroy and Carrie with us so 1 dog each to show!
Leroy did us proud once again taking Res Dog CC and Puppy & Champion Puppy in Show!!!
Carrie did really well taking 3rd Open Bitch Class from a stron line up of girls!!

We have some lovely new photo's of our dogs taken over the Vic Specialty , ACT Specialty and NSW Specialty weekend check them out on our dogs pages!

Page confirmed in whelp puppies due early November see our puppies page for more details.

We had a lovely long weekend in Canberra for some shows thanks to Debbie and Paul Clarkson for having us!
Our dogs went really well
Allie picked up Res CC and Runner up BOB @ ACT Weimaraner Club Specialty
Leroy - Res Dog CC @ ACT Weimaraner Club Specialty and Junior in SHOW ACT Gundog Show, (pictured below)

Gigi - Bitch CC & Runner up Best of Breed @ Canberra All breeds Canine Club
Kahlo - Minor in Show @ ACT Weimaraner Club Speciatly..
Home now for a few days before heading back up to Sydney for the NSW Specialty show just taking 2 dogs Carrie and Leroy for the ride!

Rosemary and John have arrived and getting settled into the new property in Victoria a stunning time of year to be here with spring and all the flower coming out.

All our C litter have gone off to their new homes good luck to all the new owners we look forward to hearing the progress of the babies.

We have had an extremely successful weekend out the Weimaraner Club double Championship show and Melbourne Royal.

1st Championship Show Judge Mrs S Hedgepath (USA)
– Aust Ch Bromhund First Class (AI) “Allie”
PUPPY IN SHOW – Weisup Lava Luscious at Bromhund (Imp NZ) “Sassi”
JUNIOR IN SHOW & Res Dog CC – Silkwind Turn Loose to Bromhund (Imp USA) “Leroy”

2nd Championship Show Judge Mrs R Stock (NSW)
Runner up BEST IN SHOW
- Aust Ch Bromhund First Class (AI) “Allie”
MINOR IN SHOW – Bromhund After All“Phoebe” owned by Gaye Tod
Runner up Best of Breed & OPEN IN SHOW – Aust Ch Bromhund Centre Piece “Page”
Res Dog CC – Bromhund Back To Basics (AI) “Buzz”

Melbourne Royal 2012

1st Puppy Dog Class – Bromhund Xclusive Vintage “Hudson”
1st Junior Dog Class – Silkwind Turn Me Loose To Bromhund (IMP USA) “Leroy”
2nd Minor Puppy Bitch Class – Bromhund Back N Time (AI)“Kahlo”
1st Puppy Bitch & Rest Bitch CC & Puppy of Breed – Weisup Lava Luscious at Bromhund (IMP NZ) “Sassi”
2nd Aust Bred Bitch Class – Aust Ch Bromhund Ghee Whizz “Gigi”
1st Open Bitch Class – Aust Ch Bromhund First Class (AI) “Allie”
2nd Open Bitch Class – Aust Ch Bromhund New Review “Mia” Owned by Faye Dods
3rd Open Bitch Class – Aust Ch Bromhund Madison Avenue (AI) “Carrie”

A big couple of days would like to thank all our helpers Sharon, Seleena, Kristin, Jenny, Gaye and Faye! Could not do it without you girls!! xxx
Now to pack for 6 shows in Canberra & NSW Specialty Show!

A lovely weekend away in Sale our team had a great weekend!

Allie x 1 Best of Breed & runner Up BEST IN GROUP
Carrie x 2 Best of Breeds
Hudson 1 x Dog CC and 3 x Puppy of Breed

Kahlo winning Baby in Group her last show in Baby Puppy!

3 more weeks and John & Rosemary will move to Victoria !!!

 Puppies available
 Sire :
Chase - Bromhund Rhythm N Blues x Demi - Aust Ch Bromhund In Demand
There are currently a male and female available please contact us for more information

Brisbane Royal 2012
Katie - Best of Breed Weimaraner Longhair
Sassi - Best Puppy of Breed
Gigi - 3rd Open Bitch Class
We only showed the 3 girls all went really well!!

A great weekend for our team with our road trip to South Australia
There where 3 All breeds shows, Weimaraner Club of South Australia 2 x Championship Shows 1 x Open Show
Our guys did very well!!
Bromhund Back to Basics (AI) "Buzz" - 2 x 1st Place
Bromhund Back N Time (AI) "Kahlo" - 2 x 1st Place and
Baby Puppy in Show
Bromhund Xculsive Vintage (AI) "Hudson" - 6 x 1st Puppy Dog
Weisup Lava Luscious at Bromhund (IMP NZ) "Sassi - 2 x Puppy in Groups , 2 x Puppy in Show 1 x BEST IN SHOW
Aust Ch Bromhund First Class (AI) "Allie" - 2 x 1st Aust Bred Bitch 2 x Res CC , 1 x Aust Bred in Group
Aust Ch Bromhund Madison Avenue (AI) "Carrie"- 2 x Res CC 1 x CC and Runner up BOB

 A great weekend!!

What a weekend for us it was very busy for all our dogs in all areas!

Firstly from Overseas
Fantastic achievement for Lucky on Saturday show in CZ (1250 dogs entered, 34 weims): Junior BOB and res.BEST JUNIOR OF the DAY (2nd best junior out of all breeds which had been entered that day – FCI-groups I, III, IV, VI, VII, VIII and X)!!! This way has finished his second title.
He also received his offical hipscore of HD A/A, ED 0/0

From Brisbane
Susan and Nara "Bromhund Long Time Coming" gained her Tracking Dog Title this is Harry's second progeny with a tracking title.. well done girls!!

We attended the Weimaraner Club of Queensland Specialty and did very well...
Runner up Best in Show & Aust Bred in Show - Aust Ch Bromhund Ghee Whizz
Baby In Show - Bromhund Back N Time (AI)
Minor in Show - Weisup Lava Luscious at Bromhund (Imp NZ)
Puppy in Show - Bromhund Xclusive Vintage (AI)
Intermediate in Show - Bromhund Just N Time
Open in Show - Aust Ch Bromhund Madison Avenue (AI)

Res Dog CC- Bromhund Xclusive Vintage (AI)
Res Bitch CC - Bromhund Madison Avenue (AI)

Best of Breed LH- Aust Ch Bromhund Kiss Me Kate (AI)

The haul we brought home!!

A huge weekend for us firstly we are so proud to have our first Supreme Champion Bromhund Free N Ezy "Kye" Owned and handled by Lynelle Smith Kye is worthy of this title with 5 Best in Show All Breeds at big shows in Brisbane we are certainly very proud to have bred such a great dog!
Well done Lynelle and Kye..

Kiss is confirmed in whelp see our puppy page for more information!!

The famous Ffiona Erskine came and spent the weekend with me in Melbourne and we had a wonderful photo shoot on Sunday this is one of many great shots that where taken! Thanks Ffiona we love you xxx

Well done to Susan on a great weekend with her 2 Bromhund Girls!!
Lovely message we got from her..

Have some great news! having a fantasitc weekend away, Fergie successfully gained her TD1 in 6minutes flat! Flushed a Quail on way through thought I might loose her but no she was strainght back on track and off to find dad! We had to wait for this moment what a wait it was to get it right but gee she did us proud! Taking a very good! and Sunday saw Ben take Nara out tracking me she ran up the first leg stoped pointed for a bit then flushed some quail, ben tried to move her on but no dad theres more and twice more run in flushed them all out and not till they were all gone did she start tracking again, oh but then at the top on the hill there was a very scary TREE stump! That took her by surprise after 10 minutes and some expert handlerling by Ben we got close enough to relieze it's just a tree, so round the corner on to the second leg round the second corner down the third leg to find me laying the grass and after a mighty effort she passed her TD2 with a PASS!
We have all ready entered our next trial next month, so you never know nara might have her Tracking dog title by the end of the year!

Fergie with her pass cert!

Been a busy couple of weeks and I have been slack getting the website updated!
We have had a few shows
Hudson wins 2 more class in group
Phoebe takes her first Baby in Group
Mia a Best of Breed
Allie a Best of Breed

Our latest ad in Dogs News Australia

Overseas News

Lucky has passed the AUTUMN EXAM (HZP) as a WINNER!!!
He could finally show his excellent work and the work was correctly evaluated: 1st prize, 292/300 points, ***WINNER OF THE TRIAL***!!!! Also a notice in his report-card: a dog with an exceptional nose!!!!

We are super proud of him!

Maryborough Kennel Club Inc
Judge Ms J Hocking (NSW)
Bromhund Zea Breeze
Owned by Troy & Susan Stephenson
wins another Baby Puppy in Group
Well done!!

Caulfield & District Kennel Club Inc
Judge Mrs S Marshall (VIC)
Hudson's first show in the big class's Best of Breed and Puppy in Group!
Mia Runner up Best of Breed
Sassi Res CC and Minor of Breed
Phoebe - Baby of Breed


Michael Yeo and Aaro gain his TRACKING CHAMPION TITLE

Super proud of you both!!
Now TCH Bromhund Shamrock Luck

No shows for us this weekend we will back in the ring next weekend !!

Lucky competed at the World Dog Show

He has done us super proud going 4th out of 14 dogs in the Junior dog class and he was the youngest in the class well done Jana & Barb!!!

In New Zealand
Jack arrived safe and sound he has picked up 3 CC out of 4 shows
Well done Sue now a few months break before his next shows!!

Some other very exciting News John and Rosemary have brought a property in Victoria !! so the move will be late August

So Bromhund Kennels will be based in Victoria from September this year!!

Well a busy weekend for us no dog shows but some very other exciting news coming soon!!

Others kept the flag flying for the team
Lynelle and Gracie picking up 2 x runner up Best of Breeds in Brisbane well done Ladies!!

And new to the showring 
Bromhund Zea Breeze "Claudia Jean" owned by Troy and Susan Stephenson
2nd in Baby Puppy Sweepstakes
Best Baby Puppy in Group!!

Well done!!

From overseas
Our very versitle
Lucky is doing us so proud!

Friday WORK EXHIBITION and his very good performance
- Saturday CLUB SHOW and Very excellent 2nd out of 10 Junior-males
- Sunday ABILITY EXAM and great achievement with I.merit, 208/228 points

Some new pictures of him working have been added to his page!

Great weekend away in Albury
Allie picks up 2 x Best of Breed, Runner up Best in Group (group 2) and Consulation to Runner up Best in Show!!
Sassi 2 x Minor in Group wins!
Sassi now number 2 Rising Star Gundog in VIC!!!

Hudson 2 x Baby of Breed his last shows in baby up with the big kids at his next show!

Lynelle has been doing well on the Grafton circuit with Kye picking up 59 points 2 x Open in Groups and Gracie 31 points over the circuit well done!!!

Another lovely weekend away with 2 shows in the country at Colac
Allie - 2 x Best of Breed
Sassi - 1 x Runner up Best of Breed
2 x Res Bitch CC
Best Minor Puppy in SHOW
Hudson - 1 x Baby of Breed
Phoebe - 1 x Baby of Breed
It was a super weekend such a lovely grounds and great friends!!
Sassi taking Minor in Show was great and Phoebe beating her big team mate for 1 baby of breed win!!!

A lovely weekend in Albury 3 Shows
Allie x 3 Best of Breed and Runner up BEST IN GROUP
Sassi - 2 Runner up Best of Breed and Minor of Breed and 1 x Res CC
Hudson - 3 x Best Baby of Breed

What a weekend!!
We had a fablous wins at the Weimaraner Club of NSW Specialty Easter Show
Not only taking Best in Show with Carrie her 2nd speciality win!
But Runner up Best in Show with Katie our Longhair...

Open in Show
Best of Breed
Bitch Challenge
Aust Ch Bromhund Madison Avenue (AI) "Carrie"

Runner up BEST IN SHOW
Intermediate In Show
Best of Breed
Bitch Challenge
Aust Ch Bromhund Kiss Me Kate (AI) "Katie"


Best Baby Puppy of Breed
Bromhund Xclusive Vintage (AI) "Hudson"

Best Intermediate of Breed
Aust Ch Bromhund New Review "Mia"

3rd Aust Bred Bitch Class
Aust Ch Bromhund First Class (AI) "Allie

4th Aust Bred Dog Class
Aust Ch Bromhund Jack N The Box "Jack"

We got some wonderful pics they are on our Easter 2012 page!
This one is one of my favourites
Katie Runner up BEST IN SHOW and Carrie BEST IN SHOW
on the move!

Then Sydney royal
Katie took res CC and Jack 1st Aust Bred Dog Class!!
Allie 3rd Aust Bred Bitch Class

In Brisbane Lynelle and Gracie fly the flag taking 2 Best of Breeds!!!

A weekend we will never forget thanks to judge Mr David Kittredge (USA)

A nice weekend for our team in Brisbane well done to Lynelle on super results

Ch. Bromhund Mystery Girl 'Gracie' finished the weekend bringing home 25 pts. 13 pt Best of Breed on Sat 24th.
She was also shortlisted for Best in Group and a 12 pt Bitch Challenge on Sun 25th.
her daddy "Kye" Aust Gr Ch Bromhund Free N Ezy was not shown on the Saturday but came out on the Sunday to take Best of Breed and also group shortlisted! 

At the same shows well done to Greg Russell on gaining Logan's show title today now Aust Ch Shiloutte Smoke N Mirrors Imp USA !! Yippee
No other shows for us on the weekend!!

Lucky did very well winning Junior dog class with Excellent placing against some strong competition at both shows!

Darcie in New Zealand won a Best of Breed and Res Bitch Challenge at the shows there on the weekend!!

Other very exciting news from Overseas 
Great news from Kelly Whitney and Leroy's performance at the puppy match!!

Leroy, pup match group 2 of 12 sporting breeds present. The golden pup was 1st. Beat 3 other Weim pups including littermate Orange (who is now named Journey).

Yeah go Leroy :)

A new member of our team
Bromhund After All "Phoebe"
Co-owned with Gaye Todd
Look for her late April!

All our A litter have gone off to their new homes!

Our precious B litter out of our top winning dog in the late 80's & early 90's
Aust Ch Bromhund Graphic Art "Nasa"
Are doing very well now 2 weeks old

Another great weekend away 5 shows in Noorat weather was perfect for showing
"Mia" Bromhund New Review finished her Australian title taking 3 of the 5 Best of Breed wins on offer over the weekend picking up over 40 points also group shortlisted one day and Best Inter in Group!
Now our 140th Champion Aust Ch Bromhund New Review!
Baby Hudson weekend beating his house mate Sassi for 4 of the 5 Best Baby of Breed and winning 2 x BEST BABY PUPPY IN GROUPS
An exciting young dog!
Allie 4 x Res CC and Sassi 1 x Baby of Breed

We got our professional photo's back from our Perth weekend check out Sassi and Allie's page!

Still have 2 Longhair baby boys for sale from our latest litter please contact us for more details

What a lovely weekend we had in Perth thanks to my dear friend Jenny for taking such good care of use we had a ball!
2 shows
Western Classic Judge Mrs R Shoreman & Mr M Shoreman General Specials (CAN)
Best of Breed - Aust Ch Bromhund First Class (AI) "Allie"
Best Baby Puppy in Group and Best Baby Puppy in Show - Weisup Lava Luscious at Bromhund (IMP NZ) "Sassi"

Western Classic Judge Mr M Shoreman (CAN) and Mrs Janssen (CAN) General Specials
Best of Breed & Runner up in Group - Aust Ch Bromhund First Class(AI) "Allie"
Dog Challenge and Runner up Best of Breed - Aust Ch Bromhund Grand Legend "Winston"
Best Baby Puppy in Group and Best Baby Puppy in Show - Weisup Lava Luscious at Bromhund (IMP NZ) "Sassi"

So thrilled with my little Sassi she went so well :)

Our lovely A litter and our Surprise litter enjoying their breakfast!

ex. 1, Jungendbester (CAJC), Junior BOB, Junior BIG 1. place

Our young man doing so well!!

From overseas
Bromhund Sensation at Greynie "Lucky" has been showing off again!

CACIB Budapešť, HU
Mr. Kardos Vilmos (Hungary)
Junior Excellent 1, CAJC, Junior BOB, BOB, TOP 5 BIG

CAC FeHoVA Fadaszkutya Budapešť, HU
Mrs. Monika Blaha (Austria)
Junior Very good 1

CAC FeHoVA Budapešť, HU
Mr. Szandor Szabo (Hungary)
unior Excellent 1, CAJC, Junior BOB, BOB, shortlisted for Junior BIS and BIS

We are super proud of this lovely young dog!!
Well done Barb and Jana

Sunshine Kennel Club
Aust Ch Bromhund First Class(AI) "Allie" - Best of Breed
Bromhund Phame N Fortune "Hugo" - Res Dog CC and Junior of Breed
Weisup Lava Luscious at Bromhund (Imp NZ) "Sassi" - Best Baby Puppy in Group!!

Our lovely litter of Longhair babies are now 4 weeks
we still have boys and girls available

Please contact us for more information

A very quite weekend for our team one show
Bromhund New Review "Mia" - Best of Breed well done Faye

We have a lovely litter of Longhair Puppies currently male and female avaiable please contact us for more details

We showed over the Austraila Day weekend only the girls Allie, Sassi, Mia and Piper
Allie 2 x Best of Breeds
Piper 1x Baby of Breed
Sassi 2 x Baby of Breeds
Mia 1x Runner up Best of Breed x Best Intermediate in Group.

Our A litter Kye x Gigi babies have arrived 4 girls x 3 boys all doing really well!

Our X litter have all gone off to their new homes this is Rocco with his new little brother

Wonderful news from Europe over night!!
BEST PUPPY OF SHOW 3rd at today's all-breed National show Brno, CZ (3 170 dogs entered)!!!!!!!!!
Lucky went great today in a basic ring under the judge Mr.Siejkowski Leszek, Poland and got fantastic comments and the title Very promissing 1. Than showed himself in a main ring and achieved this amazing result under the judge Mrs.Grygarova. We are sooooo proud of our stunning boy!!!

Well done Jana and Barbo we are thrilled for you both!!

A lovely start to 2012 no shows for us till end of January we are busy with our 2 litters.
Our lovely X litter is now 6 weeks old this picture taken on the weekend! Priceless

Of course Piper is the bigger one in the mix!

Our Z litter now 1 week old they are doing super and growing Kiri of course a wonderful mother!

We have some of our older dogs looking for their life on the couch home please contact us for more information.

Happy New Year!!!!

What a great 2011 we had with our dogs excelling in all fields and most importantly making loving companions to many families.
To check out how we did in 2011 go to our 2011 News!

Bring on 2012 we have some lovely young dogs in our show team all around the country so we look forward to a very successful 2012 with some very exciting puppy plans and the arrival of "Leroy" Silkwind Turn Me Loose To Bromhund (IMP USA)

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